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Payment Options
Wild Wildebeest Lodge requires a $1000 deposit per hunter or $500 per non-hunter to reserve your safari dates.  Upon receipt of payment, you will receive confirmation of your dates by email.  The deposit will be put into your safari account so may be used toward any costs incurred during your trip.  Payment can be made by personal check, cashiers check, or wire transfer.  Your deposit should be made out to Wild Wildebeest Lodge and sent to the U.S. Office.  For wire transfer, contact the U.S. Office at helbing@wwbeest.com for banking details.
           U.S. Office ~    Mike and Karen Helbing
                                    11481 - 140th Street 
                                    Powersville, MO  64672

Note:  Credit card payments are not accepted on the U.S. side.

Additional Payments Toward Your Account
If you wish to make additional payments prior to your Safari, you may do so in the same method as outlined above.  Additional payments should reach the U.S. Office no less than 1 month prior to your arrival date.

Final Account Payment
All accounts with Wild Wildebeest Lodge must be paid in full prior to your departure from South Africa.  The following payment options will be accepted:
    cash payment
    credit card payment ~ VISA or Mastercard
                    IMPORTANT:  Prior to your safari, it is critical that you notify your credit card company that you will be 
                                            using your card in South Africa to ensure that your payment will be accepted.  Also
                                            check to see if there is a daily limit on your card.
                    ALSO NOTE:  An additional credit card fee of 2.5% will be applied to VISA or Mastercard payments.
    wire transfer
                    IMPORTANT:  Please make arrangements with your bank prior to leaving the U.S. should you want to         
                    settle your account with a wire payment.  This is especially important if you will be departing from South 
                    Africa on a weekend.  You will be required to notify your bank to wire the outstanding money to our U.S. 
                    account 24 hours before you leave South Africa so that the amount will reflect on our bank statement 
                    before you leave the country.

Note that we do not accept travelers checks or personal checks for final account payment in South Africa.