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Before Your African Safari
FIRST:  Confirm Your Dates
    Contact the U.S. Office at helbing@wwbeest.com or 660-382-4131 to get your dates confirmed.  A $1000 
    deposit per hunter or $500 per non-hunter is required to lock in your dates.  Your deposit payable to Wild Wildebeest         
    Lodge should be mailed to the U.S. Office, or you may contact us for banking details to arrange a wire transfer.  Your 
    deposit will be applied to your account so may be used toward any costs incurred on your safari.
    Note that Wild Wildebeest Lodge does not allow back-to-back safaris.
            U.S. Office ~    Mike and Karen Helbing
                                    11481 - 140th Street 
                                    Powersville, MO  64672
Cancellation Policy:  Deposits are non-refundable; however, should you need to cancel your safari and notify Wild Wildebeest at least six months prior, we will be happy to help you reschedule your trip and apply the deposits accordingly.  For cancellations received less than six months prior to the scheduled arrival date, deposits will be forfeited.

NEXT:  Book Your Flights
    Your dates must be locked in and deposit must be received prior to booking your flights.  Be sure when booking your 
    flights that your name matches exactly how it is shown on your passport book.  Your confirmed itinerary should be         
    emailed to the U.S. office at helbing@wwbeest.com.  Please note that if you will be traveling with rifles, flights through 
    Europe are not advised.  Also note that South Africa Airways has changed their rules and regulations for transporting 
    firearms and ammunition.  See their website for complete details.  Finally, most airlines only run the international flight 
    once each day, so when booking your flights, do allow yourself plenty of time to make any connections. 

THEN:  Complete Your Paperwork
    Required paperwork will be emailed to you from the U.S. Office once your dates are confirmed and the office has 
    received your flight itinerary.  
    Each person going on the safari must complete the following documents:          
            Wild Wildebeest Lodge - Outfitter Questionnaire
            Wild Wildebeest Lodge - Outfitter Indemnity Form
    Completed forms along with a a copy of your valid passport book should be submitted to the U.S. Office at least
    2 months prior to your trip.
    NOTE:  Paperwork for the following year’s bookings will not be emailed until after December 1.

    Should you want to bring your own rifle on your Africa Adventure, you will need to apply for a temporary import/export 
    permit. For assistance, Wild Wildebeest Lodge recommends Rifle Permits.
    Contact Henry Durrheim at henry@riflepermits.com or visit his website ~ www.riflepermits.com.
    See our “Required Forms” page for more information.

Health Recommendations ~ The Wild Wildebeest Lodge is not situated in a malaria area.  You may consult your physician or visit the CDC’s website for health information ~ http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/south-africa.htm.  We suggest Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus shots for international travel.  We also suggest bringing insect/tick repellent for use when you are in the bushveld.

    OTHER:  Out of respect for our wildlife in South Africa and for the best success possible, we strongly recommend that you spend a substantial amount of time practicing your shooting before your scheduled safari.  It is suggested that you practice using shooting sticks and also practice shooting in different positions (prone, sitting, standing).  Most shooting will not exceed 100 yards.

    ALSO:  If you think you might use your credit card while in South Africa, you must notify your company in advance that you may be doing so in order to assure your card will be accepted and check to see if there is a daily limit.  In addition, note that if you plan to use a credit card to settle your final account with Wild Wildebeest Lodge, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.  See our “Payment Options” page for more information.

LAST:  Pack Your Bags and Get Ready for a Great Time


Clothing ~  The Wild Wildebeest Lodge provides daily laundry service; therefore, it isn’t necessary to bring lots of clothes.  We recommend:
 3 long sleeve shirts
 3 short sleeve shirts
 3 long trousers
 2 walking shorts
 1 hunting jacket
 1 rain coat
 1 warm sweater/sweatshirt
 3 sets of underwear
 6 pairs of medium to heavy socks
 2 pairs of walking shoes/hunting boots ~ We recommend boots with rubber soles without cleats to make it easier to move quietly in the bush.
 1 pair of comfortable shoes to wear in the lodge
 1 pair of gloves
Recommended colors are dark green, brown, or dark khaki.  You may also wear camouflage clothing in the bush.

In addition, we recommend that you bring the following with you on your African adventure:
 Camera (digital and/or video camera) with lots of batteries, the camera charger, and extra memory cards
 Day Bag - small to medium soft bag for carrying personal items
 Extra SD card and/or Flash Drive for transferring photos taken by your Professional Hunter
 Small flashlight with additional batteries
 Rifle with bore snakes and a soft gun case (if you are not renting a rifle from us)
 Hunting knife
 Personal toiletries and medications
 Sunscreen, lip balm, and insect / tick repellant
 Dark green or brown wide-brim hat for hunting and walking
 Your own brand of cigarettes and/or tobacco
 Range Finder (Bow hunters)